About BobDog Wines

Who, What and Why??? Just for the Fun of it! Our Motto.

BobDog Wines is a grower based winery. What does that mean? Well it’s basic. All great wines start with the vineyard…it’s the grapes. You cannot make a good wine from bad grapes. The key is to grow great grapes, and then have the Wine Maker build from there. As a winery, our priority is to handcraft the best grapes from the noble varietals we grow, and combine that treasure with the skills of the artisan wine maker.

The mission of BobDog Wines is summarized in its credo:

  • Sustainable Agriculture, (the love and husbandry of the land itself). We like to say, the only thing leaving the vineyard is adult grape juice. But see sustainablewinegrowing.org
  • Social Stewardship, (charitable giving from wine sales proceeds to programs for the protection and care of animals); and
  • Consumer Education, (an educated consumer is a better customer, and our “Wine Sensing” program is just the experience for making you a more informed wine consumer).

The more the wine drinker knows, the more they want to know, with the result being: greater enjoyment through understanding. Our belief is that wine industry, (and so-called wine aficionados), are too much into the snobbery of wines. Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Spit! Forgotten is the basic fact: Wine is a food, meant to be enjoyed with food, family, and friends. In the end, wine should be drinkable, fruit able and approachable, from the day it is bottled. BobDog Wines will, therefore, be an iconoclast in the wine industry…emphasizing the fruit, frolic and folly of it all.