Owner’s Manual

Bobdog Wines Owner’s Manual

Only the uninformed would consume wine without reading the Owner’s Manual first. So Bob provides you with the following simple list of recommendations.

  1. Drink responsibly, alone or in a crowd;
  2. Decant the wine (i.e.: pour into a larger glass container) or aerate the wine using an aerator or by splashing the wine on the side of the decanter;
  3. Wait a few minutes for the wine to breath/open;
  4. Use wine glassware, like bulbous or open bowl shape;
  5. Observe proper temperature: i.e.: Rose’ is chilled; Merlot and Cab have no heat in them, but are not cold; Ports are temperate;
  6. Pair wine with a food: pizza, popcorn, cashews, fish, chicken, pasta, steak, or chocolate whatever turns you on;
  7. Re-cork unused wine, keep in refrigerator no more than 3 days; but remember step 5; (problem is solved by consuming the entire bottle)
  8. Hug your Dog;
  9. Love your Mom;
  10. Buy more BobDog Wine!