K(9)-Whiners’ Club

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We are not like those other wineries that send wine every month, quarter, etc. hoping you will not cancel the club membership. Our customers are friends and family, most of who have journeyed up the mountain and spent time with us in the vineyards and winery; asking great questions and learning about the real wine industry. All we ask is for your email address, so we can keep you informed about what is happening here during the year (often with great pictures), and also special events or promotional sales of our wines. You get to participate completely on your own without any sales pressure.

And as a K(9)-Whiner, we have a special treat for you. Our anniversary guests (those of you who return year after year) are entitled to a 15% discount on all wine purchased. And a bag of our famous sweet bones, those tasty treats which you so enjoy paired with our port. How is that for a great deal?

Of course if you must insist on receiving wines on a regular basis, you can twist our paws.