Our Wines

We are the Highest Winery in Sonoma County, All Mountain, All Red

As a premium, boutique winery we offer incredible prices and customer services. BobDog Wines is located at 2000 feet, above the Alexander Valley, and nestled in the middle of Sky Pine Vineyards, with its 15 acres of red noble grapes. The heritage of six national awards is now focused in a unique estate program with two brands: BobDog Wines and Sky Pine Vineyards. BobDog Wines is the ONLY winery located within the newest AVA: Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak; featuring the elevated grape, mountain grown and unique. We offer custom bottling/private labeling on select vintages. Take advantage of our Vineyard and Winery Tours for a personal, sensual experience of all facits of wines from the root to the bottle. For couples or groups, we can fashion a memorable visit.

Current Vintages

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